Our primary services are listed below.

  1. Web Page Design
    If you haven’t got a web site we can create one from scratch for you. If you have an existing web site, but would like it updated or modified to be more customer friendly, we can help with that too.
    Panoptos can provide a single page website or a multi-page website allowing you to do your own updates whenever you like. You can insert more pages and provide your own images and text for that all important search engine optimization (SEO).
  2. Web Page Hosting
    How to get your web pages visible on the Internet with their own ‘web site’ address, known as a ‘domain name’ (for example,
    We can check to see if a domain name for your business is available and help secure that domain name so no one else can use it. Prices start from £10 per month depending on size and complexity of the web pages content.
  3. Enhancements
    a) Selling products on-line – allows customers to select/purchase from you via your web site using debit/credit cards.
    b) Password protection – allows you to restrict access to parts of your web site.
    c) Email – setting up of email ‘accounts’ so your customers can contact you by email.
    d) Forms – allows customers to complete forms on-line which are then ‘submitted’ to you by email (for example, customer feedback, information requests).
    e) Brochures – enables your customers to view current information on your web site without the need for printing and postage costs. Prices vary depending on requirements
  4. General IT Support
    Help with general IT issues and training on windows PCs, Broadband Internet access and using the Internet. Ideal for new businesses that are finding their way in the IT world.

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All prices exclude VAT.